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    Muestra Fallada [WIP]


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    Muestra Fallada [WIP]

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    Muestra FalladaE :: is played by :: bleachrpg Deaytpwn / Dea


    .::. "That sounds like fun!" .::.


    Same old, Same old

    The only thing that never changes Muestra Fallada
    But You Better Call Me In the cbox just Mue is fine
    Courses Through My Veins A-
    I've Seen this World For age: 235
    As I've Been Around Since 5th of December
    Making Myself Known As occupation: Soul eating ghost monster.
    I Classify As a Gender: Male, Hollow, Arrancar.
    My loyalty lies with Myself.


    ★Mirror, Mirror★

    Muestra Muestra is always seen wearing this outfit in Hueco Mundo. No one has ever seen him wear anything else. His Hollow mask (not seen in pic) is above his left eye. It resembles the scaled skin of a lizard it stretches from his left eye brow to the top of his forehead and part way around the left side of his head. He usually hides it under his hair for personal reasons. It is the traditional white same as all arrancar. His Hollow hole is quite small and on his left ankle. Muestra is most like a reptile.


    Face Myself

    In life Muestra was what you would call a normal kind of guy. He had a good relationship with his family. A few close friends, and a decent job in a medical lab as an assistant while he was at college. He was studying zoology. He liked animals but lizards most of all. Muestra sometimes had trouble fitting in and as irrational as it sounds he empathised with reptiles due to the common misconceptions about them. He felt a lot of people misjudged him too. He was a bright kid, but he felt the bar had been set too high. So he underachieved, disappointing those around him and effecting his own outlook on life. His test scores dropped and as time passed he shut himself off from his friends and family. He threw himself into his work preferring to care for snakes and turtles other than himself. The cages that all of the animals he cared for were electronically locked. One night there was a blackout on the campus where he lived and the lab was situated. Muestra ran to the lab after hours fearing the animal would get out of their cages and escape. Arriving at the lab Muestra discovered the locks were indeed undone because of the lack of power, but the usual inhabitants were no where to be found. That's when he felt it, a bite on his ankle. It felt like fire was coursing through his veins, his vision went dark and he collapsed to the floor. As he faded from consciousness he thought of all the people he would leave behind. That thought was quickly overridden by a fear, the fear of the unknown. What was to become of his "charges"? Without him no-one would take care of the specimens at the lab. He struggled against the darkness, trying to will himself back to life. His eyes shot open he was floating in the air. He felt heavy. He was covered in chains staring down at his own body. He was dead. Bitten by the one thing he cared for most.

    After Muestra's death he became an earthbound spirit. Clinging to the place of his death because of some misguided sense that he was needed. He felt that if he stayed there long enough everything would just go back to normal, he'd be able to make everything better again like it was before. This sense of need left him one day when he saw that he had been replaced by another assistant he began to resent this one man and the creatures that he'd practically dedicated his life to. It began to consume him and spread from just this one man to everybody. Over time (about 70 years or so) He finally completed his change becoming a fully fledged Hollow. Breaking from his restrains and feeling free for the first time in the most part of a century but also feeling more empty than ever before. He immediately lashed out and attacked the lad the lab, finally able to vent his frustrations. Over time little had changed a few refurbishments he levelled the lab leaving nothing behind killing everyone inside giving in to his most basic instincts. As he finished a man appeared in dark robes wielding a sword, he attacked Muestra. Muestra began to feel a pull from somewhere unearthly, somewhere dark, somewhere beyond all else. He listen to the pull. In an attempt to escape his assailant he reached his hand out and clawed at the direction the pull was coming from, he grasped the air and bent reality with his hand tearing open a hole in the world he leapt through the hole. He was greeted by darkness. Fear filled him it was the same as when he died. As he struggled one of his feet hit ground. A path had formed beneath him it seemed to be made of nothingness. He walked along the path until the dark had become truly oppressive. Just when it looked like it would swallow him for good, he emerged from the darkness into a desert of pure white sand, Hueco Mundo his new home.

    ((Fast forward 37 years))

    Muestra against all odds had ascended to the level of Adjuchas. His fear and timidity had kept him alive. During the transformation to Gillian fear was the only thing he had so he focused on it holding on desperately using it to remain in control of his own body. After roaming the desert fleeing from most if not all other Adjuchas he met. Eventually he was captured by a being far greater than himself. Looking to create soldiers for an Arrancar army he was taken to a lab facility where he would be made "useful", and so the experimentation began. Muestra endured through months for torturous tests and experiments. He was push to his absolute limit but never let do of his fear, it kept him more or less sane. Until finally the day came when the experiments came to fruition. He transcended to the level of Arrancar. He was immediately tested in a most brutal fashion. The pain was excruciating like nothing he had ever felt before but by this time he knew screaming and lashing out would get him no where. He sat patiently waiting for a verdict hoping that he would be freed from this hellish place. He was half right. He was deemed a failure "Muestra Fallada" ( Lit:Sample Failed see i had a plan all along xD) and cast back out into the wasteland where they found him. Over time he grew familiar with his new form and discovered that he could do what they made him for, but only if he wanted to.

    So that's about it I'll pick up the rest in the rp when i start.


    Wolves in Sheeps Clothing have nothing on me.


    Get out of my way

    Can't beat me at Strengths:

    • Trustworthy-ish. Muestra can be trusted with important things but only if he deems it so. Anything he doesn't decide is important becomes idle gossip to be shared with others. Generally it's a simple mistake, or so he says. His thought process in regards to these kinds of things is very limited. It's just plain ignorance most of the time.
    • Honest. Muestra will tell it too you straight. In any situation he's the first to call "Bullshit". This also applies to strategic discussions if he thinks the plan is bad he will make his voice heard. This is a double edged sword for Muestra as a result he is a bad liar. He tends to give into his conscience rather than lead someone on.
    • Social graces. Muestra always makes an extra effort to be polite and punctual. He is also quite articulate and tactful when he wants to be. He realises that he can make up for a lot of his flaws by effectively fooling them in to thinking he's smarter or perhaps even more trustworthy and reliable than he believes himself to be. Although most of the time he's just selling himself short.
    • Loves to play. Above all Muestra likes to kid around and have fun with those around him. Never allowing any situation to get too tense. By keeping things light and jovial he is able to avoid any confrontation.

    Though you may win at Weaknesses:

    • Poor Self-Esteem. Muestra is and always will be haunted by his past. In life and in death. As a result he thinks poorly of himself. This causes him to shirk away from responsibility
    • Fear of Failure. Muestra rarely gives his all at anything for fear of failure. He is naturally talented at many things but will only apply himself if he believes he is guaranteed to succeed.
    • Lazy. Muestra will only ever do the bare minimum of what is expected of him. When it comes to work .
    • Procrastinator. Muestra will put things off till the last minute and find ways to distract himself from doing anything he finds difficult. ((Much the same as i'm doing right now with this char bio))
    • Insular. When something goes wrong Muestra shrinks into his shell. He is unwilling and unmotivated. If scalded he sulks. This, as with many of his negative traits leads back to his birth as an Arrancar.
    • Poor under pressure. Muestra deals poorly when under pressure. He is far more likely to give up and run away than he is to rise to the occasion. Unless supported by an ally who can keep him motivated he will break in a tense situation easily.
    • Can't keep secrets. Muestra can't keep secrets plain and simple. If he feels he can benefit by letting the cat out of the bag, he will. Most of the time this just comes from insecurities he has about his own secrets
    • Loves to gossip. Muestra love to gossip he has an insatiable appetite for other peoples personal information. He believes that it helps him to deal with that person on a day to day basis, manipulation them if need be.
    • Slightly self loathing. Due to the manner in which he became an Arrancar and was treated immediately following he resents his own existence but is too afraid to do anything about it.
    • Shy Muestra is shy around new people but if in a group situation the people who know him outnumber the people who don't he is more willing to be open than if he was one-on-one with someone unfamiliar.

    I Like People person. Muestra loves people. Both to eat and to talk to, although he would never admit to the former. He didn't have many friends in life so he's making up for it after death. He's happy-go-lucky and loves to just chat with his peers never one to be caught out of the loop he always keeps up on the latest gossip over a cup of tea in the meeting hall.
    I Don't Unfair treatment of his peers by anyone. Due to his own tortured past he doesn't want anyone else to go through what happened to him.
    Keep Away Failure. Despite being a complete failure for most of his life Muestra is still very afraid of disappointing those around him. Preferring not to try at all instead.


    I've learned to control it
    It's been here as long as I have Salamandra
    Abilities Muestra is able to "burn" reiatsu with his touch. If he touches his opponent (or anyone for that matter) he can choose to expend a small amount of his own energy and attempt to "burn" away a portion of his targets reiatsu, temporarily. This may cause physical fatigue and/or make Reiatsu/Spirit based techs less effective i.e Kido/Cero. The attack "burns" away at an enemies Reiatsu, Muestra does not absorb it, therefore he cannot gain any strength by using the ability. The ability works for physical contact of any kind (so if he was caught in a bear-hug he could still use it on his attacker).
    Release Quemar energía, Salamandra
    Cero Location Muestra fires dark green Cero/Bala from his hands.

    Weapon Physical appearance of your weapon.


    Are we done yet?
    Remember This Sound Sound of their voice
    Extra anything else you wish to place
    Roleplaying Level Just tell us how well you write, if you don't mind.


    Show and Tell

    This is a PURELY OPTIONAL ROLEPLAY SAMPLE. Please delete everything up to the median with the crowns if you do not want to put anything here.

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