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    Takebi Reuga's RPC (Not finished yet will get back to it on the 10th)



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    Takebi Reuga's RPC (Not finished yet will get back to it on the 10th)

    Post  TakebiReuga on Thu 09 Jun 2011, 9:40 pm

    Takebi Reuga :: is played by :: TakebiReuga ♔——————————————————————————♔.::. A fight is not won by one punch or kick. Either learn to endure or hire a bodyguard.” .::.♔——————————————————————————♔Same old, Same oldThe only thing that never changes Takebi ReugaBut You Better Call Me Takebi/KiitachiCourses Through My Veins O-I've Seen this World For 150 yearsAs I've Been Around Since May 3 Making Myself Known As occupation (If applicable. Student also applies)I Classify As a Male-Shinigami-Student My loyalty lies with The Gotei 13 ♔——————————————————————————♔★Mirror, Mirror★Takebi is 6'2 and weighs 160 lbs. He is very muscular and has long black hair that goes half way down his back. He has light green eyes and a scar going from hisfore head down his left eye and half way down his cheek. He has his zanpakuto's one on his left hip and one on hs back over his left shoulder. He wears his normal uniform but changed it a bit.
    He added some very interesting items to it, a pair of gloves and a black jacket a little shorter then a haori. The gloves and jacket he wears are made of reiatsu infused material. By using his energy in the gloves he can punch with extreme power,almost double his own even when he gets stronger. And with his jacket it can become as hard as steel but the set back is it drains his energy fast. ♔——————————————————————————♔Face MyselfHistory. Takebi lived in the rukan districkt for 120 years and had a peacefull life. One day his house was attacked be a hollow and he was the only survivor. He was injured but alive and wanted to get revenge. ♔——————————————————————————♔Wolves in Sheeps Clothing have nothing on me.Takebi is friendly but can be very scarry sometimes. In battles he shows no mercy towards anything other then his fellow shinigam. If you make him mad he will settle it with words not fighting if it can be helped.♔——————————————————————————♔Get out of my wayCan't beat me atraw power, sword speed and tecnique, stratagise. Though you may win at speed, kido. I Like Drinking saki with friends. I Don't people who think they are unbeatable and are stuck up. Keep Away watching fellow comread die in battle. ♔——————————————————————————♔I've learned to control itIt's been here as long as I have Name of your zanpakuto Suigetsu, Shagekimaru. Familiar: A 6'0 man with shoulder length silver hair and wers a black hudded cloak.Abilities Abilities. It is up to you to fill the following subsets out, although they may not be available quite yet. Delete the ones that you do not have and try to keep yourself in power-check. Also, keep in mind that if you're a shinigami, your abilities will be in Japanese (Please provide translations and make sure it is not in Kanji) and if you are a Hollow it will be in Spanish.ReleaseResurrectionCero Location BankaiShikaiWeapon Physical appearance of your weapon.♔——————————————————————————♔Are we done yet?Remember This Sound Sound of their voiceExtra anything else you wish to placeRoleplaying Level Just tell us how well you write, if you don't mind.♔——————————————————————————♔Show and Tell
    This is a PURELY OPTIONAL ROLEPLAY SAMPLE. Please delete everything up to the median with the crowns if you do not want to put anything here.

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