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    Fujiwara Rei


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    Fujiwara Rei

    Post  Chrysanthe on Wed 01 Jun 2011, 8:33 pm

    Fujiwara Rei :: is played by :: Chrysanthe


    .::. "Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough." .::.


    Same old, Same old

    The only thing that never changes Fujiwara Rei
    But You Better Call Me Rei
    Courses Through My Veins AB
    I've Seen this World For 23 years
    As I've Been Around Since April 3rd
    Making Myself Known As Member of the Gotei 13
    I Classify As a Female, Shinigami, 4th seat
    My loyalty lies with Eighth Division


    ★Mirror, Mirror★

    Rei is approximately 5'1", weighing about 112 lbs. Though slim, she's certainly not weak thanks to much training with her Zanpaktou. Her hair is light brown, straight, and fairly long, usually kept in a neat ponytail tied with a red ribbon whenever she's on duty. When not on duty and wearing her shihakusho, she will let her hair down and instead wear a light blue kimono that matches her eyes, also light blue. As a whole her features are slim and small (but for her modestly sized C cups), causing her to rely on speed rather than brute force.


    Face Myself

    Rei started out as a child in the Rukongai, mostly fending for herself and dreaming of the day she could take the test to join the Shinigami Academy. Most of her time was spent thieving, running from angry merchants, and practicing for the test, which she eventually took and passed. Once in training she excelled in Kido and Shunpo, and graduated near the top of her class, though certainly not in record time. After graduation, she made it into the Eighth Division and made it her goal to climb through the seats, slowly making her way to the 4th in a rather surprising amount of time.


    Wolves in Sheeps Clothing have nothing on me.

    Despite the occasional bouts of laziness and procrastination, Rei is a fairly hard-working individual and extremely stubborn when it comes to her goals, as seen how she's worked her way up to 4th seat with only sheer determination and skill. She's also rather introverted and not the best when it comes to making or keeping friends, making it easy to see her as cold, hostile, or overly ambitious. Any friends she does manage to keep she'll fight for down to the last drop of strength, always wanting to be there for them and offer up anything they need. Outside of battle she tends to overanalyze and overthink anything that's more complicated than where to find breakfast; in battle though, she relies on nothing more than instinct and her own skills to find the way to victory. When spoken to, Rei usually provides honest answers if it has nothing to do with anything she considers private information, and despite her ambitions has great respect for her superiors. Always acknowledging both her strengths and weaknesses alike, Rei fully intends to become a lieutenant at the very least someday.


    Get out of my way

    Can't beat me at Shunpo, Kido.
    Though you may win at Brute strength.
    I Like cherries, reading, music of any kind, winning a battle.
    I Don't Like failure, weakness, indecisiveness, being alone, spicy food, being short.
    Keep Away Being alone forever, never gaining her zanpaktou's respect.


    I've learned to control it

    It's been here as long as I have Ketsui (Determination) takes the form of a tall, pale man clad in a dark gray shihakusho, with long silver hair and piercing blue eyes. He carries a simple katana similar to a contained zanpaktou and is often seen smirking when Rei meditates to enter her inner world.
    Abilities Rei is currently unable to use Bankai; she has fine control over Shikai however, and makes a dangerous opponent if one is unaccustomed to high speeds.
    Shikai "Fly brightly, Ketsui!" When released, Ketsui becomes much longer in length and develops a scalding heat along the cutting edge, turning the metal bright red with heat; contrary to the heat, the metal seems to become even stronger and harder to destroy. Nenshou Taka Tsume (Burning Falon Talons): Rei will use Shunpo to leap high into the air, slashing rapidly downwards toward her opponent to create flaming shockwaves that hone in on the opponent and hit them in rapid succession, with up to thirty blows in one attack. This move can also be used on the ground, but tends to be less accurate if not used midair. Sensui Taka Kobushi (Diving Falcon Fist): This ability normally takes place immediately after Nenshou Taka Tsume when used midair; taking advantage of gravity and concentrating her reiatsu to give herself controlled boosts of speed, Rei dive towards her opponent and smashes into them with the hilt of Ketsui. She can also flip this to be more lethal using Ketsui's blade.
    Weapon In its contained form, Ketsui appears as a simple katana with an ovular dark gray hilt. If the blade is looked at very closely and in the proper lighting, a falcon motif can be faintly seen making its way along the blunt edge of the sword.


    Are we done yet?

    Remember This Sound Rei doesn't speak too often, preferring to save her breath, but has a calm and slightly high-pitched voice; if something angers her, she can yell rather loudly and make her anger known to the entire Seireitei.
    Extra Rei's only major irritation spots are being called short and men who are absolute assholes; touch on these subjects and you're earning yourself a free trip to the infirmary.
    Roleplaying Level Fairly literate, able to produce decent-sized paragraphs if necessary.


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    Re: Fujiwara Rei

    Post  Oathkeeper on Tue 14 Jun 2011, 9:18 am

    This character is approved for RP use.
    Have fun ^^


    ❥ ♚ I love Kati ^^ ♚ ❥

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