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    char sheet

    Ryusei Kenzaki

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    char sheet

    Post  Ryusei Kenzaki on Tue 31 May 2011, 12:05 am

    ★Onitoru Sokami★

    :: is played by ::



    .::. My legs are my world.....speed is my game the rest are to blame! .::.


    ★alls good, never bad★

    His eyes are baby blue

    My name is Onitoru Sokami But You Better Call Me blue to his friends, blue to those closest to him, Mr. Sokami to those dont.

    Courses Through My Veins Blood type b

    I've Seen this World 19 years

    As I've Been Around Since august 7th

    Making Myself Known As a kind hearted person

    I Classify As a human

    My loyalty lies with no one


    ★Mirror, Mirror★

    "wears a skin tight black shirt with white shorts and sneakers.


    ★Face Myself★

    Lived with my grandpa who taught my fighting styles of all kinds and moves never seen before, eventually left for a dojo to train more and learn more fighting styles and weapon training, after he left the dojo he became a drifter for a little while then decided to start school.


    ★ Runners can't match my speed i am flash ★

    His dream is to make the world a eutopia.


    ★ Can't catch me ★

    I surpass in speed what i lack in strength

    I lack strength but i am street smart

    I Like running around and training to get stronger.

    I Don't Like people who seek to hurt others.

    Avoiding feuds and fights


    ★ I've learned to control it ★

    Two large blades attached to my legs with a metalic armor

    Abilities: Can manipulate the metal to make deadlier weapons or an armor that covers the back of my body

    Release: my weapon is a tatto on both of my ankles

    His weapon looks like a dagger attached to my feet


    ★Are we done yet? ★

    Remember This Sound kind and gentle when happy or neutral, but when angry, his voice is deep and slow.

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    Re: char sheet

    Post  Oathkeeper on Tue 14 Jun 2011, 9:19 am

    This character has been approved for RP use
    Have fun, Blue :'D


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