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    Mikhail Ukitake


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    Mikhail Ukitake

    Post  Ichiru on Sat 28 May 2011, 5:26 pm

    ~I want you to know
    That you’ve fallen through a hole in the sky
    The strangers welcome you
    As you lose your sanity, they touch your soul
    it makes you believe anything
    All the truths, all the lies
    Let me into your mind
    Magic potions, grinning fur
    It’s all a blur, it’s all a blur
    Magic poisons, royal tea
    Run screaming, run screaming to me~


    Name: Ichiru Ukitake
    Aliases: Chess, Neko, Cheshire
    Romanji: Ukitake Ichiru


    Race: Shinigami
    Age: 300 (appears 19)
    Birthday: 11/12
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 150
    Eye color: Purple (other eye was blinded and removed)
    Hair: black
    Blood Type: O Negative
    Medical disorders: situs inversus with dextrocardia
    Personality: Shy, quiet. He gives a frightening aura due to his appearance. he is extreamly loyal primarily to his wife and the 13th Division

    Unique Characteristics: Able to turn into a cat.
    Photo ID:

    Cat form:

    ~Personal Status~
    Shinōreijutsuin[Shinō Academy], (Shinigami Academy)

    Marital Status: Married to Rukia Kuchiki

    -Jushiro Ukitake: Adoptive Father
    - Whispers Ukitake: Daughter
    - Shake Ukitake: Sister
    - Koga Wolf: Brother
    Ichiru was an orphan child taken in and trained by Jushiro. as time passed he joined the academy and from there to becoming a member of squad 13. Ichiru was later injured in a fight with a hollow that riped his left eye out of him and he was rescued and healed by a shinigami named Rukia, the two later became good friends and as time passed married. As time passed he achieved his shikai aqnd the spirit of his blade made a proposition to replace the missing eye if he would allow the blade to merge with him and he agreed. now in shikai his eye is replaced but the other is taken his left eye now being black with a red iris and cat pupil. after learning to conrole his new powers he later achieved bankai and furthered his catlike apperance in bankai. He later applied for captancy of the 13th division keeping his zanpakutos abilities secret.
    ~Professional Status~

    Affiliation: Gotei 13, 13th Division
    Occupation: Shinigami
    Team: 13th Division
    Rank: Captain
    Partner: Rukia Kuchiki
    Ex partner: N/A
    Base of Operations: 13th Division Barracks, Soul Society
    Combat Strength:
    Agility, Intellect, Speed, endurance, stamina, extreamlly high pain tolerance, Hakuda

    Combat Weaknesses:
    Flawed rei control (no use of kido in hado or bakudo forms, is able to use it for other things), Easy to anger if family or friends are at stake (emotional compromization), range Depth Perception in cases of long to mid range combat Out side of shikai & bankai(Only has one eye), Sword skills are below average, Light sensitivity, sound sensitivity

    Rei Supressing clothing

    Anti-Hierro Armor


    Reiatsu Color: Purple

    Reiatsu amount: massive

    Shape: Cheshire grin

    Type: Elemental

    Affinity: Dark

    Reiatsu classification: Vast Spiritual Energy

    This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual energy which is wild and untamed. This level of spiritual power has a possible tendency to leak from a person or when released can affect the surrounding area in a destructive way. Those of this level have no actual masterful control over their massive spiritual power, as it can effect those around them unintentionally.


    Zan Name: Buraddi-me
    Translation: The Bloody eye
    Release command: The Sorrows of years past, the servant who bares the burden, Come forth and grin Buraddi-Me.

    ~Characteristics Of Spirit~
    True name:Cheshire (Chesha, lit. Cheshire Cat)
    Romanji: Chesha neko / Cheshire cat
    Race: Zanpakuto
    Age: 100
    Gender: Male
    Height: unknown
    Weight: unknown
    Eyes: Red (only has one eye)
    Hair: Black
    Personality: Silent and loyal, he does as he is asked without question

    Unique Characteristics: He has only one eye, He has an alternant form, that of a cat.
    Photo ID:

    ~Personal Status~

    actually Alice's pet cat from 100 years ago.Vincent had removed Cheshire's eyes 100 years ago, killing him. Cheshire also has only one eye

    ~Professional Status~

    Partner: Ichiru Ukitake


    Reiatsu Color: Black - Purple

    Reiatsu amount: Massive

    Reiatsu classification: Vast Spiritual Energy

    This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual energy which is wild and untamed. This level of spiritual power has a possible tendency to leak from a person or when released can affect the surrounding area in a destructive way. Those of this level have no actual masterful control over their massive spiritual power, as it can effect those around them unintentionally.

    ~Zanpakuto(Blade appearance)~

    Shikai: In shikai the blade becomes claws on the users hands.

    Bankai: In bankai the user develops clothing similer to Cheshire and the claws become larger and the users eye is turned red(Shikai in Ichiru's case)consumed in darkness.

    ~Spirits Powers and abilities~
    Aside from Cheshire's given super speed and strength, he can also teleport to different areas by trailing his ribbons across his body which sends him to the location he wishes to be at. Cheshire also has incredible regeneration powers as well as sharp knife-like claws.

    Vanish- He moves so quickly its as if hes vanished and the mind only sees his appearance fade the red eye last to disappear

    Darkness/Shadow manipulation

    ~Zanpakuto (Powers and abilities given to user)~

    - Vanish
    - Teleport
    - Shadow manipulation
    - Torture of 100 truths- user focuses there rei and uses the shadows to envelope the field and block out the light if the victem looks into the red eye they enter there mind and must battle the taint within them. (Ichiru cannot move when active)

    In this form His zan bonds with him giving him the ability to manipulate his rei in a manifested form. they are known as vectors and resemble hands, he can create between 9 - 50 of them. Vectors can however be seen if the vibration is at a high enough rate. and because they are made of rei can be sensed by anyone able to sense rei and dodged by people who are fast enough and have training in rei sensing. each vector is capeable of reaching 11m.

    the vectors abilities depends on their frequency:
    Low frequency = Can go through objects without causing harm.
    Medium frequency = The vectors can lift objects and throw them, as well as disrupt blood vessels

    High frequency = They can slash through wood, flesh, bone and rock.

    Extremely high frequency = The vectors become visible and gain potentially explosive power.

    Disadvantage: they all vibrate in unison and can only move be in one frequency at a time.


    Other abilities:
    :Master Strategist & Tactician:: he is a very insightful and cunning man. He also possesses great intuition, able to quickly become aware of incoming danger and react to it. he has an undeniable talent for thinking things well in advance as well, make decisive and accurate decisions quickly in battle, and able to perceive any situation at hand. He generally has shown himself to also be a crafty tactician from how easily he can deceive both allies and enemies. He has also shown to be a very perceptive and analytical man from how quickly he can analyze an opponent's power and attack patterns.

    :Enhanced Strength:: physical prowess has been shown to go beyond flashy skills

    :Enhanced Speed:: has demonstrated tremendous speed and reflexes in battle. Offensively, he is shown able to keep up quick and rapid assault that forces most opponents on the defense

    :Enhanced Agility:: is an immensely agile fighter. In battle, he can effectively use his agility to use the battlefield to his advantage, jumping from wall to wall to keep his opponents unsure of his attack patterns. Offensively, his agility grants him great dexterity in battle, able to attack his opponent from various angles with great accuracy and force

    :Enhanced Durability:: has shown himself able to take large amounts of punishment.

    Swordsmanship: shows a great proficiency in wielding his Zanpakutō.

    Shunpo: flash steps are great enough to keep up with standard Lieutenant level shinigami.

    Kidō Practitioner: seems to have capable understanding of Kidō spells at least enough to identify them upon sight.

    Hakuda Master: his skill is great enough to effortlessly take down several Shinigami-deserters unarmed.

    Stealth Mastery: has high mastery in the art of stealth combat. he has repeatedly shown impressive skill in staying hidden and unseen while maneuvering to his target.

    Likes: Reading, Drawing
    Dislikes: non challenging sitations
    Favorite foods: sweet things especially Cakes.
    Least Favorite foods: Spicey foods, coffee


    RP Sample:
    Character name: Mikhail Borisovitch Ivanov
    Character type: Special Human/ Vizard
    Topic Name: Nemureru Mori: (Chapter 1) Army of the Devil

    Why be saddled with this thing called life expectancy? Of what relevance to an individual is such a statistic? Am I to concern myself with an allotment of days I never had and was never promised? Must I check off each day of my life as if I am subtracting from this imaginary hoard? No, on the contrary, I will add each day of my life to my treasure of days lived. And with each day, my treasure will grow, not diminish. ~Robert Brault

    Moves into position my dual pythons in my hands as i pear around the corner.

    As i peer around the corner i see the three targets counting the money.
    "1125 dollars this time eh? hella not bad"
    Hits the goon "Shut the hell up thats terrible we need another house to hit this time were using our full arsenal"

    I look to my left and make a hand motion to my ally he circles around to the back and i use the mental speech devise on the communicator helmets. Breach in 3...2...1..GO! I round the corner and fire a shot into the right shoulder of the guy who seems to be the boss and my partner breaks down the door and fires a shot into te shoulders of the goons.
    Area Secured moving on to the next objetive...

    I proceed to the back and gather the ammunition and equipment as my partner gathers the money. Ok ready to move out setting charges*i place bombs on the various propane tanks and i make sure the men are tied up tight as i toss them in to the room with the explosives and walk out."Mission Compleated...requiescat in pache," I press the botton on my exo suits cntroll pannel and the building blows leaving a trail of blood and fire behind us. That was then...

    AOTD...ARMY OF THE DEVIL Disbanded..1995...

    I sit in a down in a hooded outfit. and lean back in my seat. "3...2...1" The bank across the street from my coffee shop, erupts in explosions and screams. the spot where i was is now empty and a hundred dollar bill sits on the table. This is now...

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    Re: Mikhail Ukitake

    Post  Oathkeeper on Mon 30 May 2011, 11:54 am

    This Character is approved for RP use
    I did notice that he has situs inversus with dextrocardia, which can cause other health effects, making him physically weaker and causing him to have other serious health problems.
    Was this your intention, or did you just want to make him extremely unique?


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    Re: Mikhail Ukitake

    Post  Ichiru on Mon 30 May 2011, 5:38 pm

    A little of both, it will affect him later on possibly as the story line progresses

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