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    And boom goes the dynamite. [Work in Progress]


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    And boom goes the dynamite. [Work in Progress]

    Post  Oathkeeper on Fri 27 May 2011, 1:52 pm

    Shinju :: is played by :: Oathkeeper


    .::. Beauty is only skin deep- but ugly cuts down to the bone. .::.


    Same old, Same old

    The only thing that never changes Shinju Sayami
    But You Better Call Me Shinju. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Courses Through My Veins A-
    I've Seen this World For 23 years
    As I've Been Around Since birthdate (day and month only)
    Making Myself Known As Espada 5
    I Classify As a Female - Hollow - Espada
    My loyalty lies with The King of Hueco Mundo, and myself, naturally.


    ★Mirror, Mirror★

    Standing at exactly 5'11, Shinju is frail and lanky, many of her bones visible through her immaculate skin- the skin she tries so desperately to keep pale and perfect.
    Her redeeming qualities lie with the fact that her cheeks and deceptively rosy, and her lips are a perfect pink- And her eyes are a welcoming slate color, although they remain dead when she stares you down.
    Her hair is a flouncy bob, pale blonde and black, hanging over her eyes as if to hide the one kind feature of her face.
    Shinju's nose is almost bird-like, thin and straight, protruding from the bangs of her hair that almost completely cover her eyes.
    The remnants of her mask lay on her left cheek, in a jagged pattern that sticks out uncomfortably. It is the bane of Shinju's existence, and she regularly contemplates what it would be like if the mask were elsewhere.
    The rest of Shinju's body is remarkable. Not because she is a rare beauty- quite on the contrary. She is rather unattractive, her bust disproportionate to the rest of her body, and her ribs visible when she breaths in. Well, the remaining parts of her ribs. There is a perfectly circular hole through her right ribcage, which Shinju attempts to cover up regularly.
    Branching from her body are her unnaturally long arms, and her disproportionately large hands and spindly fingers. Her feet are hideously similar to her hands, being of an unnatural shape and giving Shinju the over-all look of someone with a deformity-
    But deformity it is not.
    Her familiar animal is the Snow Leopard, and when she transforms, her regular Espada robes cling to her skin and form large claws, making her already big hands and feet even bigger, and her bone mask filling out her gaunt face with fangs and bone patterns, mimicking the living animal.

    Face Myself

    Shinju would love to rid of her memory.
    She despises the time she spent as a weak adjuchas, loathing every memory of such a station, and how she fled from those who sought to devour her for strength-
    But she showed them. She showed them not to impose on something as great as her- not to terrorize something which could rear up. She required no friends, and no allies- and she wondered, all the time, what life was like before this. She was a boned animal for such a long time, prowling for a morsel on four legs, that she had forgotten a way of life before it.
    When she grew strong, she did all she could, and she craved a higher station- and that attitude what was got her an Espada seat. And yet she thirsts for more power- Shinju will never rest until she can be the King, have and so much beauty beneath her.


    Wolves in Sheeps Clothing have nothing on me.
    To put it bluntly, Shinju is crazy.
    Mad capped.
    She has no sense of repercussions, consequences, or emotion. Everything is all about her, and there is no other way. It is quite like the lacks a frontal lobe- what is responsible for rationality.
    Well, actually, the other way is probably death at the hands of Shinju, but I digress.
    Her hatred of everything that is not her is all-encompassing, and she even goes so far as to hate her own fraccion.
    She would be dangerous, except for the fact that the hatred she possesses comes without much power, and Shinju comes off as what she really is- crazy and self-centered.
    She constantly gets in trouble for insulting Espada above her, and the only thing keeping her in power being her iron will and ability to break someone down entirely.
    Shinju can also be exceptionally coldhearted, especially if she doesn't find you pretty- which is intensely hypocritical, because Shinju's view of pretty involves being entirely skeletal, which is the springing point of her eating disorder- Anorexia nervosa. Because Hollows do not require food, her bones are not brittle, but as stated in her appearance, they are extremely visible. She sees bare bones as the epitome of beauty, and she takes great lengths to make hers all the more obvious.

    Get out of my way

    Can't beat me at strengths
    Though you may win at weaknesses
    I Like likes
    I Don't dislikes
    Keep Away Fears


    I've learned to control it
    It's been here as long as I have Name of your zanpakuto/bankai/sword. Detail if it has a familiar and what form it takes on. (i.e., Renji Abarai's is a Baboon.)
    Abilities Abilities. It is up to you to fill the following subsets out, although they may not be available quite yet.
    Delete the ones that you do not have and try to keep yourself in power-check.
    Also, keep in mind that if you're a shinigami, your abilities will be in Japanese
    (Please provide translations and make sure it is not in Kanji)
    and if you are a Hollow it will be in Spanish.
    Cero Location
    Weapon Physical appearance of your weapon.


    Are we done yet?
    Remember This Sound Sound of their voice
    Extra anything else you wish to place
    Roleplaying Level Just tell us how well you write, if you don't mind.


    Show and Tell

    This is a PURELY OPTIONAL ROLEPLAY SAMPLE. Please delete everything up to the median with the crowns if you do not want to put anything here.


    ❥ ♚ I love Kati ^^ ♚ ❥

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