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    Hermit's Character


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    Hermit's Character

    Post  Hermit on Thu 26 May 2011, 1:09 am

    Hermit :: is played by :: Hermit


    .::. Even if you use your eyes, it doesn't mean you'll see everything. .::.


    Same old, Same old

    The only thing that never changes Jacen Barton
    But You Better Call Me Hermit
    Courses Through My Veins O+
    I've Seen this World For 146 years
    As I've Been Around Since Febuary 23
    Making Myself Known As a Shinigami
    I Classify As aMale - Shinigami - Squad Member
    My loyalty lies withThe 9th Division


    ★Mirror, Mirror★

    People would describe his looks as avarage and his body thin.

    He's a man who looks to be in his mid-twenties. He's 5' 10.5" tall weighing 137 pounds. He has meadium length blond hair that is always spiked. He has hazel eyes that depending on his mood is how much brown you can see in them. The more upset or stressed he becomes the more brown people notice. Although its hard to tell he stays fit and is rather muscular.


    Face Myself

    Grew up in the middle class area of Rokongai with his mother. Growing up with no friends he spent his days reading and helping his mother with the day to day chores of the house. Buring the summer he would spend his time out doors exploring and adventeuring . During the winter he rarly left the house spending his time reading and playing games like chess and othello. On his mothers death bed she told him that he should apply to the Shinigami acadamy and, following his mothers dying wish did just that. During his days at the acadamy he kept mostly to himself focusing on his schoolwork. Although he barly passed his kido classes he did rather well in the other areas like general schoolwork and swordplay. Although he never did much to stand out he was often praised for being one of the smarter ones in the class and, also scolded for not trying his best. He graduated in the top 15% of his class suprising most of his fellow students but not many of the instructers. He was placed in the 9th Division mainly due to his school work and works mostly one the Seireitei Communication magazine.


    Wolves in Sheeps Clothing have nothing on me.
    A quite and reserved man, he's shy and keeps mostly to himself. Mostly calm and laid back. He has a fun loving nature which leads to sometimes play pranks on his fellow squad members, which noone ever suspects him of doing. Rarly taking things seriously, he has a quick temper that's startled if not scared people. He's seems to lose his temper more often when he's feeling stressed out, usually about the magazine. In his free time he's usually found out drinking or in his room reading or playing othello. If he is not in either of thoses places you'd find him in a gym or out for a walk so he can clear his head. He is always respectful and is ready to help out when and where ever he is needed.


    Get out of my way

    Can't beat me atSpeed, swordplay.
    Though you may win atPhysical strength and kido.
    I Like Reading and playing Othello. Also the occasional prank.
    I Don't arogence and large groups of people.
    Keep Away spiders and snakes.


    I've learned to control it
    It's been here as long as I have Kagutsuchi (Kami of Fire). Takes the form of a large red dragon.
    Release Burn, and consume all in your path, Kagutsuchi
    Bankai Not yet achieved
    Shikai Kagutsuchi has two abilities.
    -Tengoku no nensho-ha (Heaven's burning wave). Like Ichigo's Getsuga, or Urahara Scream Benihime. It sends out a red wave of energy that burns anything it hits. It's maxium range is 50 meters and decreases in strength as it goes.
    -Tengoku no kogeta sora (Heaven's scorched sky). Creates a piller or fire reaching the sky. The with of the piller is 3 meters wide and can be created at a maxium range of 25 meteres.
    -note that word Tengoku no (Heaven's) does not need to be said in either ability.
    Weapon Unreleased its looks like a standard katana with a red handle. The gurad is dimond with a picture of a dragon chasing (and possibily eating) its tail. When released it looks that same but the katana is all red and has a black tassel coming of the hilt.


    Are we done yet?
    Remember This Sound The crackle of a buring fire.
    Extra Please hit me I dont anything i shouldnt, or cant.
    Roleplaying LevelNot every high at the moment


    Show and Tell

    Everything we see, or seem, is but a dream within a dream.

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    Re: Hermit's Character

    Post  Oathkeeper on Fri 27 May 2011, 10:30 am

    This character has been approved for RP use
    Very nice. I'd put your RP level as intermediate, personally, but in the end that detail is up to you.
    Have fun.


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