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    The Hermit


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    The Hermit

    Post  wongy06 on Sun 22 May 2011, 6:47 am

    Kenji The Hermit
    :: is played by ::

    .::. I am always here. .::.

    Same old, Same old
    The only thing that never changes 黄極剣 Kii Kyokuken (Yellow Extreme Blade) 
    But You Better Call Me Kenji
    Courses Through My Veins Unknown blood type
    I've Seen this World For 500 years
    As I've Been Around Since A time no one remembers
    Making Myself Known As A Hermit and occasionally pianist
    I Classify As a Male shinigami - Ranking Officer, 3rd seat
    My loyalty lies with Squad 8
    ★Mirror, Mirror★
    Kenji is a plain person. Kenji has medium length black hair in spikes and dark brown eyes that look black from further away. Kenji stands at 5 foot and 8 inches tall with the classic Asian facial structure. Kenji usually wears a brown travelling cloak that covers the sheath of his zanpakutou. Beneath this he forgoes the usual shinigami clothing in favour of black jeans with a white cloth belt, white trainers and a black T-shirt. Around his neck, Kenji wears a necklace made of red string off which hangs a locket of jade. Kenji is lean and much stronger than he looks although he is also quite barrel-chested.
    Face Myself
    Kenji started out as a human who died by the hands of a serial killer who burnt his family in front of his eyes and was later purified by shinigami hundreds of years ago. As such, all who remembered him had long perished in battles against hollows. Kenji was reborn in Rukongai with no knowledge of how he had arrived but slowly learnt his history when he entered the academy and became a student. Swearing revenge against those who murdered his family, Kenji trained and trained until he eventually became strong enough to be the 3rd seat. Still unsatisfied, Kenji left to train in the solitude of the mountains and became a hermit residing in a cave embedded in the side of the second-tallest mountain. Still, Kenji trains in order to avenge his human family.
    Wolves in Sheeps Clothing have nothing on me.
    Kenji is usually quite a friendly person but he despises having his privacy invaded and can turn feral against those who attempt it (although he doesn't mind those close to him doing it as much, he still finds it annoying at times). When angered, Kenji is almost merciless and will not stop until he kills those who angered him. Introvertly, Kenji's morals are strong and he will not strike women, children or the elderly no matter the situation although he will throw them or defend against them if he must.
    Get out of my way
    Can't beat me at Lurking and fighting
    Though you may win at a regulated match of kendo/kenjutsu
    I Like training
    I Don't Like women-beaters
    Keep Away From Me When I'm Angry.
    I've learned to control it
    It's been here as long as I have Unknown to all but Kenji as he never releases his zanpaktou although his familiar takes the physical appearance of a man wreathed in black shadows.
    Abilities The same as above.
    Weapon The same as above. Unreleased, Kenji's zan consists of two katana - both are identical and the hiltguard takes the shape of a five-pointed star.
    Are we done yet?
    Remember This Sound Varies as Kenji is a singer occasionally and his pitch range is exponential.
    Roleplaying Level Like a boss.
    Show and Tell
    Kenji drew the sword from his left hip with his right hand and hefted it. It's weight felt reassuring in his hand and even the slow dripping of the water on the cave floor seemed far away now. He heard a footstep and he perked up. Did he hear it? Maybe it was his imagination. No, there it was again! Kenji drew his other sword...

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    Re: The Hermit

    Post  Oathkeeper on Sun 22 May 2011, 10:03 am

    This character has been approved for Roleplaying use
    Wonderful! Have fun on the forums! :D


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