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    Sonnet (Enjoy)



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    Sonnet (Enjoy)

    Post  Koga_Wolf on Sun 22 May 2011, 1:29 am

    Well I made a Love Sonnet for my English honors class. My teacher loved it so I just wanted to see how you guys would respond to it ^_^ Please give me some feedback and enjoy.

    I love you like a ship does the ocean,
    I love you like a bird to gentle wind,
    I love thee as if I drank a love potion.
    Can't get away from thy,caught in a whirlwind.

    I'm running off, nowhere land, its out there,
    I feel it, its in my grasp,so close to home.
    I think as I'm just sitting in this chair,
    That I'm going to fall off an' land in Rome.

    I didn't expect what just happened, pow,
    She's always here,with me,standing here.
    But it just happened either way now,
    She,a beauty, just came up to me,smilin' and I cheer.

    We are always together no matter what you think.
    But we'll be gone before you get to even blink.

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