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    Khaion's Character Sheet


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    Khaion's Character Sheet

    Post  Khai on Sat 21 May 2011, 11:39 pm

    ★CHARACTERNAME★ :: is played by :: ★~Khai~★


    ★Same old, Same old★

    The only thing that never changes ~Khaione~, But You Better Call Me ~Khai is fine.~

    Courses Through My Veins Blood Type ~unknown~

    I've Seen this World For ~longer than one can remember~

    I Classify As a ~Female-Hollow-Zastl Lorde~

    My loyalty lies with ~2nd seat~Espada~

    Making Myself Known As ~Fierce as a feline~


    ★Mirror, Mirror★

    ~She is simple. The body of a teenage girl with the mindset of an elder and the patience of a mother. She stands about 5'2. She seems to resemble a black cat with kind green eyes. But with a deadly twist, the bloodthirsty spirit of a hallow. No markings cover her face, but from the hole over the place where her heart once use to reside, the markings burst out as if they were waves hitting the side of its mistress' cliff. This is what binds her to the human rehlm.~


    ★Face Myself★

    ~As a human, Khaione was a happy young teenager. Living a heathy life with friends and school work. She was your average book worm with reading and keeping her grades up. One thing she loved to do in her spare time was archery. She was never evil. Not even when she watched her parents die from a murderer. As anyone else would do, she sought revenge. Again, she was no evil, she lost her normal mindset and was greving. She chased this man, hunted him all on her own, but as she got the chance to kill him right then and there she, i will not stoop to his matter what, she left him. she took two steps from him and with a swift movement of no remorse, he stabed her. As she stood there, stuned, he whispered...your heart is your weakness and your kindness is what killed you. From her kindness she died and the one mark that is compleatly connected around her heart, is for the life she once lived.~


    ★ Wolves in Sheeps Clothing have nothing on me. ★
    ~Khaione is a very respectful girl. She is bored often and does not like to be told what to do, like any teenager. She is as stuborn as your average house cat. She dosent fight unless it is absolutly nessiscairy to do so. She is a kind person and will not stop to save the life of an innocent.~

    ★ Get out of my way ★

    Can't beat me at anything ~speed related. That includes archery, i am the best and the quickest.Though you may win at a straight out fight. I'm quick, not strong.~

    I Like ~reading, drawing, singing, meditating and shooting. (arrows) All may seem stupid to others but to me it calms me and my concentration and intelligence improve.~

    I Don't Like people ~who seek to hurt others, or thoes who use me.~

    Keep Away From ~any feeling twords another weather it be friendly or romantic. She tries to stay so she wont be hurt. Emotional hurt, is something she can not withstand.~


    ★ I've learned to control it ★

    ~As long as she has the crystal of spirit around her neck, a pendant that her mother gave her, then she and her emotions are in check. ~

    Abilities: ~not sure~

    Release: ~Her zanpaktou becomes a bow, beautiful like a crystal and unbreakable like a diamond. Her powers are concentrated to make her arrows stronger for impact.~


    ★Are we done yet? ★

    Remember ~This Sound, Smooth and flowing song when happy but when angered, you hear dead silence..all around you and can feel eyes upon your every movement.~

    Roleplaying Level: Expert


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    Re: Khaion's Character Sheet

    Post  Oathkeeper on Sun 22 May 2011, 9:50 am

    This character has been accepted for Roleplay use
    I'm interested to see where her abilities will go- Have fun on the forum :D


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