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    Koga Wolf(Profile)

    Post  Koga_Wolf on Sat 21 May 2011, 9:56 pm

    Koga Wolf :: is played by :: KogaWolf


    .::. Can't ya hold back a little while you're fighting?I dodge an attack and the city gets destroyed bit by bit instead, then I can't just ignore it and keep dodging-Shinji .::.


    Same old, Same old

    The only thing that never changes Koga Wolf
    But You Better Call Me Koga
    Courses Through My Veins Blood Type: Unknown
    I've Seen this World For 306 years
    As I've Been Around Since December 22
    Making Myself Known As Kido Corps Commander
    I Classify As a Male-Shingami-Kido Corps Commander
    My loyalty lies with the Kido Corps. Gotei 13. Stealth Force. Royal Guard


    ★Mirror, Mirror★

    Koga is 5'11 and weighs about 140 lbs. Koga has medium white hair and has yellow like eyes. Koga has an athletic yet skinny body. He wears the standard shinigami uniform but with a Kido Corps hoari.Koga does not carry his zanpaktou around because it is within his body.


    Face Myself

    Koga has been Kido Corps Commander for a near 250 years. Through out his entire life Koga has practiced in the arts of Kido. Koga over these years has developed many Kido spells that are unknown to the Gotei 13,Stealth Force and even to the Kido Corps. Koga went to the Shino Academy in his younger days but was barely able to pass his hakudo classes while excelling in the Kido class,easily being the top student. Koga was approached by the Kido Corps Commander at the time and quickly raised through the ranks. Koga received his shikai soon after he joined the Kido Corps and gained Bankai 200 years after he joined the Kido Corps, Koga joined the Shino Academy after 3 years in Rukon District and joined the Kido Corps 3 years into the Shino academy,graduating early. Koga before he was in the Soul Society though grew up in Karakura town where his family owned a large estate and were rather wealthy. Koga rarely saw his parents but was able to take classes teaching him how to use a blade. Koga's favorite weapon was always a medium sized scythe which he learned how to be able to balance by holding the middle of hilt with only one hand.


    Wolves in Sheeps Clothing have nothing on me.
    Koga is generally a nice guy but is almost always serious. Koga shows respect to only to those who deserve it. Koga keeps calm at almost all times,unafraid of almost anything, mostly because he is somewhat arrogant,thinking he can take on the world if he needs to.


    Get out of my way

    Can't beat me at Kido,speed,acrobatics, Immense Spirit Energy
    Though you may win at Hand to Hand Combat(attacking. I can defend myself,as in block), Me using too many high level kidos which causes internal damage temporarily.(Most likely puts cuts within my lungs) Strength(Due to my skinny body), Arrogance
    I Like Creating new Kido, Women(!!) ,
    I Don't putting my trust into people I don't know very well.
    Keep Away weak people who rely on others in battle.


    I've learned to control it
    It's been here as long as I have Name of your zanpakuto:Akumu. Familiar: A tall male with a black gauntlet with a blade within it.

    Subeta konpaku(Sword Soul)- Koga absorbs the his zanpaktou into his body by turning it into pure energy and sotring it within his body. He can then summon it out,turning it back into a physical form. Creats a small flash of light in the process of creating and absorbing the zanpaktou.
    Konjou gaihi(Spirit Skin, Passive)- Koga is able to absorb spirit attack that is as strong as a hado 30.Koga absorbs 30% of the energy while giving minor. Koga can only take 5% energy from anything above that but damage is mild. Anything with the power of hado 73+ Koga can absorb 1% energy but takes major damage. (The damage is only in affect if Koga decides to absorb the attack)
    Takai mari(Death Ball,Shikai/Bankai)-A black ball with shuriken like edgings (like rasengan shurkien) is formed in Koga's right hand. More powerful when hit with it still in Koga's hand. It can be thrown but the farther it goes the weaker it gets. Can be throw 300 meters.
    Kuro awai kire (Dark Light Cut,Shikai/Bankai)-Koga has black and white reiatsu cover the blade of his scythe. He slashes his scythe and the reiatsu comes out with high density. The
    farther it goes the weaker it gets. It can go as far as 400 meters.
    Bankai (Passive)- The scythe now takes on a physical form. This time the scythe
    is able to cut you and your spiritual energy but it can also steal the
    energy. Koga can hold up to the maximum amount possible before the
    amount of spirit energy kills him. All powers from shikai are still
    available but the power consumed is multiplied by 2 while the force of
    the power is multiplied by 1.25%. Cutting the opponent still disrupts
    the spiritual flow making it random so that the victim either uses to
    much or too little spirit energy. Koga's kido skills are also increased
    by 50%
    Note: If the blade is stuck inside the victim it constantly
    takes the spiritual energy until it is either depleted or removed from
    the body.
    Shikai(Passive)-Koga's scythe is made up of pure energy,it has a faint
    white glow around the scythe. CANNOT be used for blocking other than
    kido or something spirit related. When the scythe slashes through or on
    the target(s) it cuts the target(s) energy. It also disrupts the flow of
    spiritual energy/reiatsu making it harder for kido/cero to be used. If
    kido/cero are used the likely hood is that it will backfire.

    Bankai: Bankai...Akumu Hateshiganai Okeru Jigoku(Eternal Nightmare In Hell)
    Shikai: Disrupt, Akumu Hateshiganai (Eternal Nightmare)


    Are we done yet?
    Remember This Sound Like Raiden from Metal Gear Solid.
    Extra Kido all the way!!!
    Roleplaying Level I can write a good 3 paragraphs if I am in an RPing mood and if who ever I am RPing with gives me a good ideas to work off of. Sooo in Sigi's legendary words...Flawless

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    Approved for RP use. Good luck.

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