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    R&B lovers


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    R&B lovers

    Post  LUUnatic on Wed 18 May 2011, 7:05 pm

    Those of you who love R&B you should come check out some of my favorite artists, and ofcourse feel free to post some of your favorite youtube artists.

    Heres mine:
    SleepyHead (Channel: Mrshowdough)
    Krazie K (Channel: I forgot xDDDD)
    Young depression (Channel: Ok maybe I forgot this one too o.O)
    Blazza: (Channel: we can talk about this)

    if you like those artists i can tell you some more ^^

    Songs i would recommend:
    Be with you
    What's my name
    Right through me
    Please don't go

    Krazie K:
    If i told you

    Young Depression:
    Taught me how to fly

    We used to be together
    Always be by your side
    My wife

    Krazie K ft Sleepyhead - I can't live without you
    Krazie K ft Sleepyhead - Run Away
    Young depression ft blazza - always be by your side
    Yound depression ft blazza - we used to be together

    Welp there yuh go xDDDDD enjoy and reply some artists so i can check them out >:333

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